E-Commerce: Funding, Terms & Valuations Pre-IPO

VCExperts Analyst Team

Is it really what a company offers or is it the e-commerce platform that drives the sale? SaaS platforms in the social/e-commerce industry are about finding the right channels and connecting your brand to the world, topped with a sense of excitement and urgency, (the sense of excitement from getting a good deal and the sense of urgency of the deal not lasting forever). VC Experts wanted to dig deeper into the social/e-commerce industry by taking a look at the IT/Software industry as a whole as well as 3 venture-backed SaaS social/e-commerce providers, two of which have filed their S-1’s and one that is a direct competitor.

Starting with the Round of Financing, earlier rounds of financing (Series A & B) seem to be more prominent within the IT/Software Industry as compared to later rounds (Series D & E). Bazaarvoice, Inc. has issued Series A thru E and recently filed their S-1, meaning they have intentions to go public.

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