What’s Driving Big Valuations in E-Commerce?

VCExperts Analyst Team

E-commerce sites are being "pinned" to Pinterest and "tweeted" on Twitter, providing key word-of-mouth marketing to the consumer, by the consumer, that is not only increasing brand equity but also post-money valuations. For instance, privately held/venture capital backed e-commerce sites like Gilt Groupe, Chegg, and Etsy have valuations above average; and potential competitor Plum District is not far behind. VC Experts wanted to dig deeper into the e-commerce industry by analyzing funding terms, valuations, and industry averages for these PE/VC backed competitors.

Example from Report:

Round of Financing proves earlier rounds (Series A & B) seem to be more prominent within the IT/Consumer Products Industry as compared to later rounds (Series D & E). Gilt Groupe, Inc. and Chegg, Inc. have issued Series A thru E or greater, whereas new-comer Plum District, Inc. just closed their Series C round.

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