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Uber Technologies made headlines with their recent $1.2 Billion investment which valued the company at $17.94 Billion, 5X that of the previous round which valued them at $3.6 Billion. The new Series D round was priced at $62.05 per share which is a major up round from their Series C price per share at $14.25. We have included the Restated Certificate of Incorporation filed on June 6, 2014 as well as the deal terms of the financing round.

Uber Technologies Inc
FKA: UberCab, the company operates as an on-demand car service that allows everyone to have a private driver experience through iPhone, SMS, and web based requests. They are a technology startup that has created a more efficient means of transportation, making your city more useful and more pleasurable to move around in.
General Information
• Address: 800 Market Street, 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94102
• Geographic Region: Silicon Valley
• Industry: Software
• SIC Codes: 4119 - Local Passenger Transportation
• NAICS Codes: 485320 - Limousine Service
• Legal Counsel: Fenwick & West LLP
• Company Website:
Key Management
• Kalanick, Travis - Co-Founder, CEO, Director
• Camp, Garrett - Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board
• Pham, Thuan - CTO
• Gurley, Bill - Director
• Drummond, David - Director
• Bonderman, David - Director
• Yoo, Salle - General Counsel
• Graves, Ryan - Head of Global Operations, Director
• First Round Capital
• Lowercase Capital LLC
• Menlo Ventures
• Bezos Expeditions
• Founder Collective
• Undisclosed Firm
• TPG Capital LP
• Goldman Sachs & Co
• Undisclosed Investor
• Benchmark Capital
• Google Ventures

Most Recent Financing Round

Date Investment Amount  Valuation Est. Fully Diluted Shares Preferred Price Per Share
06/06/2014 $1.20B $17.94B
Round: Series D
Direction: Up Round
Liquidation Preference: Pari Passu
Liquidation Multiple: 0-1x
Stock Type: Conventional Convertible
Anti-Dilution: Weighted Average
Redemption: No
Cumulative Dividends: No
Dividend Rate: 8%
Pay to Play: No


Most Recent Restated Certificate of Incorporation




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