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Teespring is a crowdfunding custom apparel site that allows users to design their own t-shirt, set a sales goal, and once they have met the goal the t-shirt gets printed. This concept eliminates up-front costs and leftover shirts by having buyers pre-order their shirts online. Teespring is definitely a company to watch, they have recently raised a $20M Series A round from Andreessen Horowitz at $7.27 per share, valuing the company at $94M. We have included the Restated Certificate of Incorporation filed on December 23, 2013 as well as the deal terms of the financing round.

Teespring Inc
Teespring is an online marketplace to create and sell custom t-shirts. Teespring is designed to eliminate up-front costs and leftover shirts by having buyers pre-order their shirts online, essentially crowdfunding custom apparel.

General Information
• Address: 3 Duval Square, Suite 300B, Providence, RI 02903
• Geographic Region: New England
• Industry: Retailing/Distribution, IT Services
• SIC Codes: 5961 - Catalog and Mail-Order Houses
• NAICS Codes: 454111 - Electronic Shopping
• Company Website:

Key Management
• Walker Williams - Co-Founder, Co-President, Director
• Evan Stites-Clayton - Co-Founder, CTO, Director
• William F. Cesare - Co-President, Director
• Lars Dalgaard - Director (Andreessen Horowitz)
• Samuel Altman - Director

• Andreessen Horowitz LLC

Most Recent Financing Round

Date Investment Amount  Valuation Est. Fully Diluted Shares Preferred Price Per Share
01/16/2014 $20.00M $94.35M


Round: Series A
Direction: N/A

Liquidation Preference: N/A
Liquidation Multiple: 0-1x
Stock Type: Conventional Convertible
Anti-Dilution: Weighted Average
Redemption: No
Cumulative Dividends: No
Dividend Rate: 5%
Pay to Play: No

Most Recent Restated Certificate of Incorporation

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