Our objective

Vce circle intelligence

Detailed corporate documentation analysis by professionals


Verified business filings deliver powerful intelligence


For our clients who need data first, and need it right, to gain a competitive advantage in private market investing

  • 1 First access to private company data
  • 2 Expert data analysis to guide private investment
  • 3 No polls. No Estimates or "Wiki's". Just Facts.


Filter with precision

Smart filtering features lead quickly to the exact information you are seeking.

Browse Companies

Acquire insight into investments, leadership, and data on the thousands of businesses in our database.

Visualize Your Data

Graphs and charts enhance understanding of key stats and metrics.


A Full Encyclopedia

A comprehensive directory and library of business books and documents, including advanced legal and financing topics for understanding private equity.

Glossary of Definitions

Hundreds of terms and definitions to facilitate your personal insights. Glossary

Legal Forms Library

Hundreds of legal forms addressing a broad range of scenarios. Forms