'Tis The Season, For Crazy High Valuations: Uber vs Lyft

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Unless you took a hiatus from all things media last week, you probably noticed that Uber raised another measly Billion plus dollar round. Our phones were ringing with questions about what that meant for Uber’s valuation, and the work we did was sourced in the following articles:

Tech Times

Of course, if your firm held a premium subscription, you would have known months ago of the rapid valuation increases. Last Spring, we released some of our proprietary data (Comparative Analysis: Lyft Vs. Uber Technologies), detailing each company’s Valuations, Preferred & Common share price, and other deal terms around the financings. 

Monitoring share prices and Valuations is one of the unique things we do here at VC Experts. For example, Lyft filed a document in September 2014 revealing a 110% increase in its Common Price Per Share value. This rapid percentage increase occurred in just over 9 months. (Get the Full Company Report).

As for Uber, check out the actual Restated Certificate of Incorporation filed on 12/04/2014 here or purchase the updated company profile report. The Series E preferred shares priced at $133.2703, an increase of 115% from the $62 per share pricing of the Series D round just 6 months before! (shown below)

Uber Technologies Price Per Share

So enjoy our complimentary data or better yet, use the remaining expense account allocation to subscribe today to gain the insiders view for Uber, Lyft, and thousands of other companies!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the VC Experts Team