Enjoy a Complimentary Report

VC Experts

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Happy Holidays

Enjoy a Complimentary Report from VC Experts

Back in November ACE Portal and VC Experts hosted The Growth of Private Company Investing: The Importance of Online Platforms, Accurate Data and Robust Analytics event at the NYSE. As a thank-you for attending the event, we gave our latest aggregate report: Fintech - Deal Term and Financings Overview Featuring IEX Group, Motif Investing & Wealthfront to all of our attendees. We had a great time at the event, and learned about the importance of keeping the conversation going. The financial technology sector has come a long way and there is still need for us to talk about the importance of online transaction tools, accurate data and robust analytics. ACE Portal and VC Experts are making strides to bring transparency to the private placement market, so please feel free to pass this email along and keep the conversation going. 

Hopefully we will see you at our next event with ACE Portal

Happy Holidays,
VC Experts