Composite Table of Contents of Business Plan

Joseph W. Bartlett, Special Counsel, McCarter & English LLP, Co-Founder of VCExperts

McCarter & English LLP


1. Introduction (or Executive Summary)

Short description of:

  • Business objectives
  • Principal products or services
  • Technology and development program
  • Market and customers
  • Management team
  • Financing requirements

2. Company description

  • History and status
  • Background and industry
  • Company's objectives
  • Company's strategies
  • What makes the company different from others

3. Products

  • Product description and comparisons
  • Innovative features (patent coverage)
  • Applications
  • Technology
  • Product development and R&D effort
  • Product introduction schedule and major milestones
  • Future products (product evolution)

4. Market

  • Market summary and industry overview
  • Market analysis and forecasts
  • Industry trends
  • Initial product(s)

5. Competition

6. Marketing program

  • Objectives
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales and distribution channels
  • Customers
  • Staffing

7. Manufacturing

8. Service and field engineering

9. Facilities

10. Management and ownership

11. Capital required and use of proceeds

12. Financial data and financial forecasts

  • Assumptions used
  • 3-year plan
  • 5-year plan

13. Appendices

  • Detailed management profiles
  • References
  • Product descriptions, sketches, photos
  • Recent literature on product, market, etc.

One of the sections not specifically set out above which may be appropriate in the context of a given plan, is a "milestone" section, the forecasted major events in the life cycle of the enterprise and a timetable for their achievement.


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